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RelevantEdge provides the RelevantEdge data platform for integrated, customer and user journey analytics. We often team up with solution providers and support the delivery of tailored analytics and content auditing solutions.

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            “Measure, visualize insights, take action and improve.”

The aim of RelevantEdge is to make it easier for all types of stakeholders to measure and visualize the business value of digital marketing technology. While many marketers focus on execution, it is the outcomes of marketing execution that ideally generate business value (and always generate valuable lessons learned). It is therefore imperative that collaborative and visualized measurement of marketing activities is easier, faster, cost beneficial, secure and compliant.

RelevantEdge was founded by a geek and digital consultant. With this complementary combination, we aim to develop great products and solutions for analytics that are rooted in innovation and powered by automation, data transformation, data modeling, tracking, machine learning and more.

A core principal we have is to enable customers to get more business value from technologies they already pay for. Therefore our products are designed to be used with leading DXP, CDP, CMS, database and Business Intelligence platforms.

The two founders of RelevantEdge provide a combined skill set that spans software architecture, modern data management, data visualization, AI, omni-channel marketing and digital experience optimization.

– 20+ years experience working with enterprise solutions
– Formerly Platform Architect at Sitecore
– Responsible for the technical design of xConnect and Cortex
– M.Sc. Eng. Applied Mathematics

– initially developed and released an open-source web tracker Tail -f

– Sitecore MVP
– 25+ years experience with omnichannel marketing
– Former senior customer consultant at Sitecore
– Expert with data-driven personalization
– Co-author “Connect – How to use Data and Experience Marketing to Create Lifetime Customers”