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10 Great Things You Can Do with BI and Sitecore

If you really want to know your customers, you need to know their data.
But the richest customer-centric data – experience data that reveals customer intent as well as the explicit actions individual customers have taken – is often siloed.

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Why Collaborative BI is Best for Digital Experience Insights

Despite the pandemic, organizations continue to drive digital-transformation initiatives.

With this, many organizations, albeit at their own tempos, are increasingly becoming more data driven. Consequentially, these organizations reap the benefits of digitalization.

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Use Website Personalization to Lift B2B Conversions

Have you ever heard someone who works in sales at a B2B organization say something like: “We do the real selling person to person. The website should just provide product, services and contact information”?

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Step Up Your Personalization Game Using Custom Data

When designing and implementing data-driven customer journeys, it’s common for digital marketers to track the most important moments of action. That is, when a digital visitor makes a key decision and performs that crucial action, a specific marketing event is triggered. The trigger can subsequently be used for personalization.

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Rethinking How to Measure Data-driven Personalization

Management thinker Peter Drucker profoundly proclaimed: if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

When it comes to data-driven personalization, defining how you’ll measure personalization effectiveness is actually a great place to start. Define a measurement approach from the get-go and you’ll be on the path to improvement.

(Thoughts from a morning walk with Bobby the dog)

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