RelevantEdge Data Platform Solutions

RelevantEdge gives you one platform that you can use to create a variety of analytics solutions, including multi-site analytics, portal analytics, intranet analytics and an on-premises marketing data mart.

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Some of the ways you can use the Relevant Edge platform

Multi-site analytics for day-to-day use

Multisite analytics is typically labor and cost intensive. When considering inbound, outbound, social, website and app data, organizations need to comprehensive, effective analytics solutions where the total cost or ownership — including compliance — is controlled.

RelevantEdge helps to simplify the work needed to provide consolidated, granular dashboards for multiple websites that are managed in one or more CMS instance.

Our approach is to use the CMS architecture for structuring and filtering analytics data in the BI dashboarding tool. Simultaneously, RelevantEdge can import data from any API and join data from inbound and outbound channels.

The result is consolidated dashboards where users can easily gain insights for one or more sights at the same time — without the need for time consuming tagging and tracking coordination.

Portal Analytics Solutions

Customer and partner portals — where users login and share PII data — present unique challenges when it comes to analytics. Stakeholders require dashboard insights based on anonymous and named data while IT requires data protection compliance.

RelevantEdge provides secure solutions for all types of portals, including B2B and B2C. Our approach is to enable organizations to use their own infrastructure to process and store data while benefiting from the out-of-the-box analytics data model and “last mile” data stitching provided by the RelevantEdge data platform and solution.

Intranet Analytics Solutions

While organizations make hefty investments in internal company intranet solutions, intranets often do not provide granular analytics insights — or any analytics at all. This make it challenging for stakeholders to accurately assess intranet effectiveness based on KPIs.

Using the RelevantEdge platform, we provide flexible solutions for company intranets. A key benefit is data protection and compliance readiness. RelevantEdge provides and end-to-end solution wherein dashboards are managed in Power BI or similar. Dashboard user permissions can be tailored using, for example, Microsoft AAD for easy governance.

Commerce Analytics

Ideally, a commerce analytics solutions enables marketers to get granular insights from first touch to repeat purchases. Using the RelevantEdge platform, which provides dashboards based on multiple data sources, you are able to gain a wide range of insights such as campaign attribution, buyer journey insights and granular product insights related to content, cart and revenue.


Integrated Analytics

A core capability of RelevantEdge solution is that, as much as possible, customer experience data is stitched together to provide a more complete view of the entire customer journey.

Whereas typical multi-data analytics dashboards show data from each silo is disconnected dashboard view, the approach with RelevantEdge is tracking and predictive techniques to join data such as PPC, inbound social, organic keywords, email, web, CRM to show connected customer journey analytics where dashboard users can drill down to Individual sessions and users when the data permits.


The Relevant Edge solution is available as a data mart only. With this, organization can access to the raw, collected data from tools such as Power BI, Google Data Studio and Tableau or ingested into data lake solutions such as Azure Synapse, Presto, Dremio or Big Query.


RelevantEdge solution delivery

With our focus on security, data privacy and compliance, the RelevantEdge platform is by default provided as a self-hosted solution. Each customer hosts its own RelevantEdge solution using the hosting provider of their choice. With this, RelevantEdge supports the initial automated deployment, in collaboration with the customer’s IT team and DXP / CMS solution partner. How the RelevantEdge solution is managed and serviced is up to each customer. RelevantEdge can manage the solution or the customer can manage the solution using automated patching in collaboration with RelevantEdge.

RelevantEdge provides custom data modeling services, the ability to programmatically generate Power files that include incremental customizations as well as dashboarding services. A RelevantEdge solution typically includes 20 Power BI dashboards. The delivery of these dashboards may include a stakeholder process wherein a set of business objectives are supported with custom dashboards and data modeling. RelevantEdge seeks to work with DXP and CMS solution partners to help provide more complete content, optimization and analytics service.