Go from CDP data to dashboards painlessly. The RelevantEdge platform takes care of the data engineering so you can get on with making data-driven business decisions.

Customer data often resides in multiple data stores. Unlock the full business value of CDP using an integrated analytics approach. The RelevantEdge platform enables you to easily combine data from CDP with data from CRM, commerce, Google Analytics 4 and backend systems.

Using the RelevantEdge platform, you are able to extract standard and custom data entities from Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize. The RelevantEdge data model has been extended so that you can gain deep insights for Sitecore Personalize. These insights include the ability to granularly attribute personalized impressions and clicks to conversions and metrics such as revenue.

The RelevantEdge Data Platform in 60 Seconds

For Sitecore CDP Personalize & Sitecore XP


Featuring an innovative data model and extensive use of data transformation, the RelevantEdge BI platform is designed for digital marketers, data analysts, product owners and executives.

Organizations are able to visualize an incredibly wide range of Sitecore XP data and make better decisions when it comes to campaigning, lead generation, conversion rate optimization, personalization, A/B testing, product development and content marketing.

Ready-to-run, customizable solution

  • Includes more that 50 data dimensions and hundreds of filterable data points
  • Includes more that 40 Sitecore dashboards out of the box
  • Extend BI fields with your own measures, filters, etc. to create additional dashboards
  • Access to raw, collected data with options for unlimited data history storage
  • Options for integrating additional data sources such as CRM and commerce data


The RelevantEdge BI solution enables marketers, sales people, executives and analysts the ability to works with custom data, create dashboards and collaborate using tools such as Microsoft Power BI 365 and desktop along with Microsoft Office 365.



Content management is often labor intensive. Typically, a team of a few or dozens of content creators and managers work in coordination and independently on a daily basis. The ability to get an overview can be essential regarding who is doing what and how effective or ineffective content management initiatives are.

The Relevant Edge BI solution for Sitecore XM aligns Sitecore user data with content management data in Sitecore and analytics from third-party analytics tracking. The result is a variety of BI dashboard that provide insights for user productivity KPIs, content performance metrics, and opportunities to operational costs.


The Relevant Edge solution is available as a data mart only. With this, organization can access to the raw, collected data from tools such as Power BI, Google Data Studio and Tableau or ingested into data lake solutions such as Azure Synapse, Presto, Dremio or Big Query.


RelevantEdge Data Platform for
Sitecore CDP Personalize
and Sitecore XP