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customer-journey analytics

The RelevantEdge data platform provides a secure, end-to-end analytics solution for consolidated dashboards in Power BI (or similar) based on multiple, joined data sources — including Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data. Get a more complete view of your customer or user journey — including personalization. Use with GA4 or as an alternative to GA4.

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What we do

We develop and market the RelevantEdge data platform for integrated customer-journey analytics. Used by enterprises globally for solutions such as mult-site websites, commerce, portals and intranets, the platform provides consolidated analytics and KPIs using multiple, joined data sources — such as web session and CMS content data along with CRM, marketing automation and commerce data.

What makes the RelevantEdge platform unique is that it dramatically reduces the cost of data engineering — for use cases such as revenue attribution — while providing an on-premise solution for maximum data protection of PII data. For solution delivery, ideally we team up with agencies and partners that provide CMS, DXP, Business Intelligence and related solutions; otherwise we directly deliver RelevantEdge solutions.

Core technologies you can use with the RelevantEdge Data Platform

Integrated analytics for Sitecore
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Integrated analytics
using GA4
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Integrated analytics
for Umbraco
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Integrated analytics using RavenDB for data storage
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Tail-f open-source web tracker
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Much more than a connector, the RelevantEdge platform provides an automated, end-to-end solution that transforms data and enables you to go from DX data to live Power BI dashboards in less than a day.

The RelevantEdge data platform programmatically extracts data from different web session and content databases, transforming and loading the data to a dedicated SQL database that you host. The pre-built snowflake data model — designed with the extensive knowledge of RelevantEdge specialists — takes care of the data stitching.

The platform programmatically generates templated Power BI reports containing a wide variety of ready-to-use visualizations. The result: faster decisions at a reduced cost.

  • Highly customized insights – attribute any channel and conversion
  • Account-based analytics – BI insights for named leads and customers
  • Standard reports – use standard reports and create custom reports
  • Historical data – store unlimited historical data economically
  • Collaboration – use Microsoft 365 or free desktop BI tools
  • On prem or hosted – PII data never leaves your infrastructure

Case Story

Power BI for Sitecore CDP Personalize &  Sitecore XM Cloud, XM and XP

The RelevantEdge platform is ideal for unified analytics for composable DXP solutions. This includes Sitecore CDP Personalize.

At a cost that is much less than self-build, the RelevantEdge platform provides end-to-end, automated data transformation. This will enable you to go from connection to Power BI dashboards in typically less than one day.


RelevantEdge Data Platform in 60 Seconds

For Sitecore CDP Personalize & Sitecore XP

Vertical Solutions

Portal Analytics

For portal solutions that require insights for accounts and individual customers, learn how you can measure portal business performance while securely managing personally identifiable information (PII) data.

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Content Analytics

Specialist who create and manage content can improve effectiveness using content-centric insights. Learn how content analytics empowers content creators to gain insights to improve productivity, idea generation and ROI.

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Multisite Insights

Website analytics should ideally be provided in a collaborative analytics tool that any stakeholder can access. Learn how you can empower digital and non-digital stakeholders using website data and collaborative BI tools.

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