New: RelevantEdge Analytics Solutions

Using the RelevantEdge Web Tracker

In addition to the add-on solutions we provide for DXPs / CDP’s and Google analytics, RelevantEdge provides a complete, end-to-end analytics solution based on our own web tracker, data integration application and programmatically generated Power BI data model and DAX.

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Data-prection first analytics solutions

Designed for extensive data protection, RelavantEdge provides a completely self-hosted analytics solution using the innovative RelevantEdge web tracker and dashboarding solution in Microsoft Power BI or similar.

The solution is compliance friendly in that you organization is able to host the full solution and therein act as the processor of your own customer data. This streamlines compliance and ensures a high degree of data protection while providing granular insights and dashboards for stakeholders.

The RelevantEdge tracker is based on Tail -f.js, an open-source project launched by RelevantEdge

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Ideal for any organization that requires compliance-first analytics

Well suited for any type of website — Public-facing websites, Portals, Intranet or Extranet, commerce analytics solutions

In addition to add-on analytics solutions for Google Analytics and DXP/CDP platforms, RelevantEdge provides an end-to-end analytics solution that is based on the RelevantEdge web tracker. This tracker is based on the tail-f tracker, which is an open-source project initiated by RelevantEdge.

Unique Advantages

The RelevantEdge Analytics Solution can be used with any CMS. The unique advantages of the RelevantEdge Analytics Solution are shown below:

  • Customizable, collaborative insights for all types of stakeholders
  • Data-protection first
  • Automated solution end-to-end
  • Granular analytics data
  • Unique Content / UX insights
  • Integrated analytics
  • Leverage resources you already use

Plug & play – web session data to dashboards

Add on simple tracking script to your site and start collecting the following data to a no-SQL database that you host and fully control.

  • Sessions, sesson ID’s & Users, unique user ID’s
  • Events, forms
  • Inbound, referring domains, devices, location
  • Campaigns, UTM parameters, query strings
  • Pages, languages
  • Content components, and CMS structure integrated insights
  • Internal clicks, exit clicks, scroll depth, page visibility
  • Personalization and A/B testing tracking – based on any tools
  • Cookie consent tracking
  • Login authentication tracking
  • Commerce
  • Use Google Tag Manager for custom events

By default, RelevantEdge uses Microsoft Power BI for reporting, dashboarding and data visualization. Our end-to-end solution programmatically generates Power BI DAX, so that the data stitching and data engineering effort is greatly reduced. Of course, data engineers can extend the DAX and RelevantEdge ETL solution. 

Our new demo site for the RelevantEdge tracker (based on Tail.js) and end-to-end analytics solution is now in soft launch. 

Learn about how the RelevantEdge analytics solution works

Part 1

Learn about RelevantEdge web tracker data and dashboarding using Power BI

Part 2

Learn how conversions from CRM webform submits are tracked and visualized using the RelevantEdge web tracker, application and Power BI.

Part 3